Pampeano Polo Belts

Stay on trend with our exciting new range of unisex Pampeano polo belts. These belts are perfectly teamed with dresses, jeans, chinos, polo whites and bermuda shorts. A staple piece for any wardrobe and surprisingly neutral. We stock sizes for pre-teenagers to adults. The perfect gift, each one is shipped in the featured classic gift box.

Pampeano polo belts are expertly designed and developed in Great Britain & sold internationally to discerning customers. Each polo belt is hand-stitched in Argentina by true artisans with precise and dedicated attention to detail. Pampeano polo belts are designed with longevity in mind, with a robust leather that softens and warms with age. They offer distinguished, instant style with vibrant colours. We offer a variety of geometric shapes and patterns that echo the silhouettes of the Andes mountains and valleys. Please be aware of counterfeit versions of these belts.

Whether you are a polo player or just simply fashion conscious – Pampeano brings the heart of Argentina to everyone. Visit us on our Pinterest page for D&H tips on how to wear your belt here

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