Introducing the ‘SURFACE’ collection of tableware, designed by world renowned chef, Sergio Herman. Inspired by the raw nature of Zeeland., its rough textures evoke a sensation of the deep grey of the mystic North Sea.

Mix & match the beautiful matte & shiney ceramics with the drinking glasses – to create the most dynamic table settings.

Sergio Herman inherited his love for cookery from his father, with whom he worked side by side at the ‘Oud Sluis’ restaurant in Holland for several years. There, he lifted the local high quality products to another dimension. This laid the foundation of what would become an unparalleled ‘wow’ kitchen, and would eventually earn him 3 Michelin stars. In 2013, Sergio decided to close the doors of the ‘Oud Sluis’ restaurant,. In 2010, he opened his second business: ‘Pure C’ Bar & Restaurant in Cadzand-Bad, Holland, just over the border of Belgium.

In 2014 he opened his latest innovative, contemporary restaurant, ‘THE JANE’, a former chapel of a military hospital in Antwerp. With ‘THE JANE’, Sergio proved once and for all, that food really is his religion.

We are delighted to stock both his ‘Surface’ Collection and the table service from ‘The Jane’. The Jane Service can be found under our ‘Tableware’ category & will be available in the near future from D&H.