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Product Description

Stylish Artisan Made Architectural Coffee Tables.

Made entirely of metal. Designed by D&H, and handcrafted in our 17th century workshops in England.

The top elements have been naturally rusted by nature, & sealed with a traditional, unique mixture of beeswax (produced by local bees in the Peak District) and other natural, eco-friendly, materials. The rest of the table can be delivered in the featured blackened colour, or preserved rust.

We can make the Lexa+ to your exact requirements, eg, the width of your sofa, or fireplace. We can also create a table for you in any colour.

Other designs are also available, please contact us for details.

Please note that size and weight may slightly vary. Each piece is made individually and therefore maintains its own character. Imperfections are normal.

Size 120cm (length) X 55cm (breadth) X 33.5cm (height)
Weight 21kg
Delivery This item is to order and will be ready for you in approximately 3 weeks. If you require this item sooner, please contact us, and we will endeavour to send it to you ASAP for no extra charge.
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