The House

About Us

Duchess & Home is a luxury lifestyle brand, offering a bespoke service to many of our clients. Our clients range from some of the biggest country estates in the UK to private customers seeking traditionally crafted products.

We offer a range of exclusive products for discerning outdoor types and for those who appreciate modern country styling. We like to create extraordinary, functional objects, fulfilling our promise to elevate everyday tasks into enduring precious rituals. Products that will truly last and only improve with age and use, creating heirlooms for the future.

Our Philosophy

Duchess & Home has a simple ethos: we offer luxury and functionality through craftsmanship. Our products are a modern celebration of British heritage and timeless design, styling and manufacture. They offer a boldness of style, with an English touch. Our products create a fine aesthetic marriage with all styles and are versatile; but never bland. Our products for the home always look outstanding in a wide range of interiors: from a country house to an industrial loft apartment.

D&H products are not mass-produced and are never hurried, ensuring the quality and integrity of each individual product when leaving our workshops.

Made in Great Britain

Great Britain has a rich and diverse history of producing some of the finest products in the world. Sadly, some of the UK’s biggest heritage brands are no longer UK made. Many of these industries do still exist, albeit in small ateliers and workshops scattered around the UK. At D&H, we go to great lengths to source these craftsmen and ensure that our own collection is still made only in the UK from the finest materials. Our own range of metalware is created in our 17th Century workshop in England.

D&H Collaborations

It is a small world.

At D&H, we like to experience, appreciate and share exquisite things we discover during our travels. Therefore, we strive to offer our customers only the best, trendsetting quality brands from all over the world.

We also promote, whenever and wherever possible, the modern standard variants of field hockey and polo. Both these great sports having been developed in its current form, in nineteenth century England.

At the Heart of D & H

Duchess & Home’s heart belongs in London. Our initial range of mild steel accessories is inspired by the famous foundries and bells of London and the hockey fields and pavilions of Buckhurst Hill.

Our Head Office is situated in the beautiful medieval city of Ghent in Belgium.